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Suppliers relationship

Suppliers relationship

Groupe CAT’s Purchasing Department is committed to building long-term relationships with its current and potential customers.
With the ever-increasing demands of our customers and a supplier contribution of over 75% of our turnover, the competitiveness, quality, and loyalty of our suppliers are crucial issues.

In this context, our role is to select and integrate the best suppliers according to the needs of our group, with the primary objective of strictly respecting the commitments made to our customers.

The main families of purchases are vehicle and goods transport, road, maritime, rail transport services; handling; trucks and trailers; cross-docking services; intellectual services, etc.

We act in strict compliance with our “Code of Conduct” and “Sustainable Purchasing Charter” for the strict observance of ethical rules and applicable laws and regulations in all countries. We base our business relationships on fairness, loyalty, and trust, with the aim of building strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers.

Our teams act with integrity in our relationships to avoid any conflict of interest between the professional and personal spheres.

We work with our suppliers in a result-oriented and profit-oriented way.

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Suppliers relationship

CAT Logistika Tereti d.o.o. – a stable partner is looking for:
Carriers for long-term cooperation related to Croatia/Slovenia – EU-Croatia/Slovenia routes.

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