Automotive logistics
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Smooth logistics for automotive assembly: delivering the right components, at the right time, every time

Our customer is one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, whose manufacturing process depends on reliable logistics and supply chain visibility.

2 factories in Europe

145 active Tier suppliers

As a preferred provider of logistics services, we collaborate in the planning and execution of daily operations to ensure that our customers’ production does not stop.


Reliable daily supply of components to European factories from leading suppliers – 153 pick-ups per week

Collections adjusted to the production of the Tier 1 supplier

Execution of the service despite volume fluctuations


Responsibilities of the control tower :

  • Plan all transport according to the customer’s delivery times

  • Reservation of collection slots for customer shipments

  • Supervision of transport orders: status update, deviation update

  • Respond to all customer requests/questions

  • 24-hour, 7 days a week availability

  • Management of KPI’s

  • Corrective action plans for underperforming lanes

Stand-trailers are implemented as a warehouse on wheels

Expedite shipments or extend lead times in response to customer requests

Contingency planning – alternative routes

Concepts applied just in time, just in sequence

FTLs are organized from Tier 1 suppliers in Poland, Slovenia and Serbia to various plants in Europe


CAT is one of our customer’s preferred logistics service providers.

Number of transports per year


Communication satisfaction score


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