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Reorganization of tire logistics for a leading global tire manufacturer

One of the world’s leading tire manufacturers. It designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

International road transport, cross docking, distribution, returns management, customs.


A leading global tire manufacturer faced a challenge in 2017 when it decided to change its supply warehouse for the Adriatic region from Hungary to Italy. The challenge was to maintain the same lead time to final recipients while meeting drivers’ working hours and managing customs clearance for shipments to non-EU markets.

Main challenge:

  • Maintaining the level of service

  • Manage 7 additional markets

  • Maintain a competitive cost of service

  • Find a logistics service provider capable of handling all transport and customs activities.


To meet these challenges, we adapted the order management to the customers’ needs and provided a flexible solution.

The daily load planning is managed by our transport team with daily linehaul service, a stand-trailer system and a wide availability of trucks suitable for transporting the tires.

With existing LTL multi-customer network in the Adriatic, which includes platforms equipped with special tools for handling large tires, we provided a reliable service.

EasyCAT, our web portal, is available for shipment tracking, providing full visibility to the customer. The portal provides real-time information on the status of shipments, giving the customer peace of mind.

The full visibility of the tires in the delivery provided by the portal allowed the customer to better plan their operations and reduce the risk of disruption.


The result is an OTIF (supply chain indicator that measures a supplier’s ability to deliver on its promises) of 98.3%, with 1,735 tons delivered per year.

Overall, the reorganization of the tire logistics for the world’s leading tire manufacturer was a success. CAT’s approach provided the customer with a solution that met their needs and expectations.

The result has been improved lead times, reduced risk of damage, full visibility, cost-effectiveness and flexibility that have made the customer’s operations more efficient and streamlined.

Tons delivered:

1.735 T /

OTIF average:

98,3 %

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